Adults Materials List
for 6 week courses
Bristle Brush Set
Background Brushes for Art
Synthetic Brushes for Art Classes

People who participate in the ARTS develop great life skills such as: focus, problem solving abilities, responsibility, tolerance, collaborative skills, confidence, pride, passion, plus so much more…….



  • Assorted sizes – 3 to 4 projects completed throughout the course, can be purchased weekly (eg; Learn to Paint A-Project 1-40-50cm approx) (Learn to Paint B-Project 1-50-60cm approx) 


ACRYLIC PAINTS:  See stockists below for preferred brands

Learn to Paint - PART A:

  • Pthalo Blue, Cool Red, Light Yellow, Titanium White & Carbon Black (minimum) plus any other colours you like or have on hand, you may need to purchase other items throughout the course


Learn to Paint - PART B, please also add:

  • Along with your basic colours, Please build on what you have, it would help if you have a different range in each colours=, ie; if you like blues or reds etc... have a few different blues or reds etc.. include bright colours too, you may need to purchase other items during the course you may need to purchase other items during the course

  • Large Flat Bristle for backgrounds 

  • Other; 3D Paints, Modelling Paste, Gold Leaf


BRUSHES:  (see images for suggestions)

  • Bristle -  Large Flat size #1 & #3

  • Plus a Bristle Brush Roll/Bundle (from most $2 shops)

  • Synthetics - Round #3, Flat #8, Round #0, Long Liner #2



  • Apron, babywipes, pen, pencil, notepad, scissors, chalk, rags etc..

PREFERRED STOCKISTS: for best results please purchase any of these brands:


Ask for your student discount at either of the following two stores,

  • Senior Art Supplies, 4/72 Dandenong Road West, Frankston

       (Paints-Matisse Structure/Atelier or Golden Brand)

  • Riot Art Stores, Frankston-9770 1277/Mornington-5975 2892                                         (Paints- Holcroft or Atelier Brand)                                                                                                            

*Also, most of the $2 type shops sell the “Monte Marte” (Dimensions) Acrylic paint 

which is ok, please note it is a student quality not an artists quality, the results may differ


PAINTS TO AVOID: Poster paints, Craft Paints, Supermarket brands etc…


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions

Michele Cleaver - M: 0417 425 116

Background Brushes

Synthetic Brushes

Bristle Brush Roll Set

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