for Weekly Term Classes

KIDS who participate in the ARTS develop great life skills such as: focus, problem solving abilities, responsibility, tolerance, collaborative skills, confidence, pride, passion, plus so much more…….

CHECK LISTTo ensure your child gains the most out of the classes please bring the following required materials.


  • 1 canvas per project (approx 30 x 40 cm) or canvas notepad (Kmart or Target sell 2 pk Canvas' for approx $5 or $6

  • 1 A4 colour image for each project they want to learn, older kids may wish to use their ipad (upon owners resposibility)



PAINTS (Acrylic):  See stockists below for preferred brands

  • Minimum: Cool Red, Pthalo Blue, Light Yellow, Titanium White and Black, 75 ml tubes acrylic paint only

  • Include any other colours your child likes


  • Bristle: 1 x Brush Roll Set (includes flat bristle brushes, from                  most $2 shops)

                    1 x large flat bristle brush size 3 (for backgrounds)

  • Synthetic: Round #3 and #0, Flat or Angle #8, Long Liner #2




  • A4 Display Folder that includes some colour images to inspire or copy, for learning purposes

  • Smock, fragrance free water/baby wipes, rag, pencil, chalk, eraser, notepad

  • You may add Paint Pens, 3D paints & 3D Glitter Glue but NOT necessary, these can add great finishing touches though


PREFERRED STOCKISTS: for best results please purchase any of these brands:

  • Some $2 shops sell brands such as "Reno" or “Monte Marte” Dimensions Acrylic paint 


OR ask for your student discount at:

  • Senior Art Supplies, 4/72 Dandenong Road West, Frankston

       (Paints-Chromacryl or Derivan Brand)


PAINTS TO AVOID: Poster paints, Craft Paints, Supermarket brands etc… Your child may not achieve the desired results if these are used

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions-

m: 0417 425 116 |

Background Brushes for Kids Art Classes

Background Brushes

Synthetic Brushes for Kids Art Classes

Synthetic Brushes

Bristle Brushes Set

Bristle Brush Roll Set


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