Creative Wellbeing - Art For All

I offer workshops and individual programs to cater for clients with special needs and/or in aged care. 

My focus is on client well-being via participation in creativity.


Using visual art we explore your creativity and imagination to produce a painting to your capability. 


There are no expectations, it is your choice, go with the flow or you can choose to be guided and helped

along and/or to learn techniques. You will feel calm and safe in a nurtured environment.

And most of all you will have fun.

I believe Art is an excellent outlet for everyone, including adults and children that are interested

in moving their life forward in a positive and fun way,

helping you to connect to your inner guidance whilst developing new skills.

Please send me an enquiry if you would like me to work with you or your group.

Social inclusive learning & fun
for NDIS participants

Colour Your World Art has a wide range of fun art classes, that are perfect for social and community participation. 

These classes are a proven way to reduce stress, improve mental wellbeing and creativity, 

for you to enjoy a relaxing experience, in a safe and secure environment.

The classes are suitable for first time painters or anyone wanting to learn and enjoy their painting, 

some classes with materials provided.

 You can use your NDIS funding to book any of the classes.

If you are self-managed, you can  book a class directly - you will then automatically receive an invoice upon booking,

which you can then claim with NDIS. Carers are also welcome.

Otherwise, if you use a plan manager, I can send an invoice and hold a spot for you, just let me know.

Paper Hearts
Watercolour on paper
Watercolour on paper
Group work
Dragonflies on paper
Watercolour on Paper